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Bundled action against Google for its anticompetitive practices in the online advertising industry

In recent years, Google has been investigated and was imposed EUR billions in fines by competent authorities in Europe and the United States in antitrust cases related to several parts of its business. One of the most prominent of these is the Google AdTech case which related to Google’s anticompetitive practices in the online advertising supply chain.

The root of the issue is that Google had granted its own supply side platform (SSP) competitive advantages for the purchase of ad inventories within its ad server (DFP), that could not be replicated by its competitors.

In June 2021, The French Competition Authority fined Google EUR 220 million for favouring its own services in the online advertising sector. Google did not dispute the facts that the decision was based on. The case is also currently under investigation by the European Commission.

As a result of these potentially unlawful practices, publishers and media companies suffered damage to the tune of approximately 20% of online programmatic advertising revenues. Therefore, all publishers who sold ad inventory on their website through ad servers are entitled to claim the compensation.

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Join our bundled action that can bring you financial compensation:

Antitrust cases require a high level of specialised legal and economic expertise and adequate funding.

We offer risk-free enforcement of your claims, either in an out-of-court settlement or, if settlement discussions remain unsuccessful, in group litigation. LitFin covers all costs and risks, takes care of the entire process management and will receive a commission only in the event of success. Only if we manage to get you financial compensation, you will pay a fee of 30 %. If we don’t get compensation for our clients, we don’t get paid.

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LitFin is an expert in complex litigation funding with a special focus on damages compensation in antitrust and competition law cases, arbitrations, insolvency and related activities. From the position of one of the major litigation funders in the EU with a portfolio of claims that exceeds the value of EUR 1 billion, LitFin enables its clients to finance claims they would not be able or would not want to pursue on their own.

We are currently working with freight carriers to obtain compensation from the Truck Cartel and from the Federal Republic of Germany for overpriced toll payments. We are working with farmers on securing their claims in the Pesticide Cartel as well. Also in Germany, we are helping investors recover lost investments in the Wirecard scandal. In Belgium, we are ensuring that injured companies receive fair compensation for unjustified fees from MasterCard, and we are also helping numerous other clients in their specific legal disputes in many jurisdictions. Our customers and partners are located in more than ten European countries, especially in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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All publishers and media companies who sold online ad inventory through any online ad servers. In addition, competitors of Google in the online advertising industry are also eligible for compensation.

There is no upfront cost to joining the claim and we operate on a “no win – no fee” basis. Only when you obtain your compensation, 30% of it is assigned to LitFin. If the enforcement of the claim is not successful, LitFin covers all associated adverse costs too.

There are many estimates among industry experts. Some claim that publishers are entitled to receive up to 40% of online programmatic advertising revenues as compensation. LitFin is currently working with a conservative estimate of 20% of online programmatic advertising revenues. Furthermore, the interest should be considered, especially taking into account the long duration of the breach.

We will contact you within 48 hours and explain the details of the process and procedure. Additionally, we will provide you with all information, data, and documents that you need in order to decide to join the group action. When both sides are satisfied, we will sign a litigation funding agreement.

To enforce your claim for damages, you will need to provide all documents relating to the revenues you received from your ad server for selling online advertising inventory. Additionally, if you were using Google’s Ad servers, it would be ideal to have a record of how many payments went to Google as comissions.

LitFin, in cooperation with our lawyers checks all the received documents for completeness and plausibility. Unless we have any queries, the lawyers will integrate your claims into a bundled claim. Of course, we will keep you informed about the status of your claim on a regular basis and will remain avaliable to answer any questions if/when they arise.

It is difficult to predict how long the litigation process will take. Should we be able to reach an amicable settlement during the course of litigation, it would be much quicker, although additional time may be required in order to obtain court approval for the settlement. Frequent updates on the status of the litigation will be provided on our website.

These kinds of lawsuits are very expensive, which is why an isolated claim is usually only worthwhile for very large amounts of compensation. Moreover, having a funder on your side who has objectively examined the merits of the case and is prepared to invest the necessary capital dramatically improves your negotiating position and motivates the other party to enter into a settlement agreement.